ASAL – What We Stand For!

ASAL is a promise that exemplifies authenticity, sincerity and a positive approach towards serving the community by introducing the new technology benefits to everyone. Launched by Target Marketing (Pvt) Limited in 2017, ASAL now have become an umbrella of different projects and brands which are proudly contributing in the betterment of whole society. ASAL is strongly committed to provide extraordinary products and services in a very affordable manner so everyone can have fruits of technological innovations and new advancements

Our Mission

At ASAL, our mission is to revolutionize the concept of development both for businesses and consumers by offering them with all the essentials of various services in a way that it benefits reaches every common man. Keeping the changing development trends in mind, ASAL is striving to help people incorporate these ever changing trends, and make the most of it.


Leading the Pakistani market in loyalty memberships, ASAL card is a premier web services card which offers a unique platform where at a very nominal membership fee everyone can have their own website, start earning and further learning from free technical courses and much more. ASAL card is a must have for everyone in order to secure unshakable grounds in the digital world. In today’s fast paced world where everything is going digital, having a solid online presence is a very crucial decision that cannot be overlooked. Whether you’re a student or a businessman you will need a website to make an impact. ASAL card not only helps you to takeoff in digital space, we also help you to maximize the effectiveness of your online presence through a range of industry proven techniques. ASAL card is offering a range of benefits and valuable discounts on alliance brands as well that you definitely shouldn’t ignore.

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